"So what makes Dr. Garda and Backbone different from everyone else? They truly care about their patients and don't just write you off with a prescription for pain covering drugs or push you to a surgery that may or may not fix your pain... 
My quality of life has greatly improved and I am now a happier and healthier person."
Ask Our Patients
Dr. Garda has done wonders for my issues. Love coming to his office - treats you like family!
Sally S.

I came to Dr. Garda in acute, debilitating pain. I was very skeptical that he could help. Within 3, THREE, appointments, I was so relieved, I was crying. Dr. Clinton has worked miracles with my entire system and I am feeling the benefits in all aspects of my physical health!
Karen S.

I started to come to Dr. Garda due to having lower back pain. He worked on me. I started to feel much better. I tell all my friends about Dr. Garda and his staff there all great and life is feeling much better. Thanks to the DR. and his staff!
Louis C.

My husband and I came to see Dr. Garda because of back pain that at times could be debilitating. We could not afford to stay home from work and did NOT want to have surgery. Dr. Garda has not only taken the pain away but we feel much better. The X-rays before and after are amazing. The whole team is wonderful.
Jackie M.

I'm so glad my daughter recommended I come here. Dr. Garda has been very caring and has answered all my questions. The entire staff is wonderfully friendly and positive. I will miss coming here....I would recommend anyone come here for their health problems. Many thanks!

(Dr. Garda) has been a blessing for my whole family. My son had a severe bend in his neck that was causing many issues with learning and play. After only a few months his neck was straight. He has at the same time picked up his pace at school. My daughter had a bend in her spine. She had always had stomach issues and again after a few months her spine was straight. Her tummy has been much better over the last year. I have been treated for sciatica and back pain for about month now and I cannot believe the freedom from pain that I have experienced. It is wonderful to work around the house and exercise without worrying how much my back is going to hurt the next day. I can fully endorseDr. Garda. They have made my family healthier and happier. Thank you!
Timothy R.

Doc is a true one of kind down to earth genuine human being who has a colossal heart for whom everyone crosses his path. My life has truly been changed both physically and emotionally. Thank you!
Suzette S.

I like (the office), because you get to color and play in the play area. It feels good when I get my adjustments. The people that work here are the best. I really like them.
Love, Abbey, Age 10

Dr. Garda has helped me greatly while training for my triathlons this year. With all of the punishment I have been putting my body through I have finished the sports season injury free. I even have completed my first Half-Ironman race. I believe that the care I have received has helped keep me going in my training. Thanks to all!
Michael S.

Amazing! Not only have I been feeling better for months now, but I have been educated on my spine and spine health. They always explain and teach me what the treatments and exercises will do for me. Way to go Dr. Garda!
Jason L.

I have started over a year ago due to knee and hip pain. Not only has the pain gone away, but I have developed a better understanding of my poor posture and poor habits that may have caused the pain in the first place. I have gained an incredible wealth of knowledge and have eagerly shared this knowledge with many others. The staff are very friendly, courteous, respectful, and they know how to keep motivating me to improve. I enjoy coming here and it has become a part of my life.
Jane G.

I have been coming here for almost a year, I came with a herniated disc, and could barely walk, and in a very short time Dr. Garda had me up and moving. I could not be any happier, the whole staff is very friendly and has helped me a lot. Thanks to all of them.

I've been coming to see Dr. Garda for over 2 years now, and he has definitely changed my life, I love him and the whole staff, super friendly, we feel more like we're part of a family here. Thank you all.

I have been a patient for almost 2 years and I Love it here! I have seen great improvements on my shoulder issues and my low back pain.
Christopher S.

I have been coming for over a year now. I came in with an injured back that is now much better. It is great to have a doctor who is interested not only in your well being, but also that you know why you do the therapies and treatments. Knowledge instills a greater appreciation for one's own body. The ladies are very attentive that I perform my therapies correctly and they are always friendly and happy to help in any way. A great place to come. Well done!

I have been coming here for years and I can't imagine my life without it! Dr. Garda is so knowledgeable about all aspects of health and if he doesn't know the answer to a question he will find out and let you know what he's found. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I recommend (Dr. Garda) to everyone I know. So much thanks to Dr. Garda and all his staff!
Julia J.

I feel great and friends are telling how my posture has improved. The whole staff is wonderful. I get my adjustment once a week now, but I wish I could still come everyday to see everyone's smiling face and positive attitude. Thanks so much!!
Jeff S.

I was a skeptical new client with Dr. Garda. After about 30 visits the change in my neck alignment was amazing. I can see the difference the mirror. The whole staff is friendly.
Joe K.

Doc is my hero, I was in so much pain that I couldn't get out of bed for a long time.
Patrick D.

This place is AMAZING! A year ago I was in the worst pain of my life and Doc helped me so much I will forever be grateful to him and all of the staff!! They are the best people I’ve ever met and being pregnant Doc helps relieve all of my aches and pains! I recommend this place to anyone and everyone!
Tina T.

I came to Backbone when they opened in a lot of pain and on Sunday 09/23 I am going to run a 5K!! Dr. Garda helped make it possible!!! Thanks to you both!
Cheryl A.

I was struggling with Sciatica for about a year, with Dr. Garda's treatment plan I can now do all the activities that I have always been able to do before my injury. He is simply amazing. With a personality to match!!! I love you doc and the whole family!!! I miss you guys so much!!!
Carol J.

I Miss Dr. Garda out here!! I was very nervous. to start. He sincerely cares for his patients, and his mission as a healer. Dr. Garda is a Wonderful Doctor that helped me and my family improve our health and well being. I have had back surgery in the past and still felt so weak. I would also get sick easily. With Dr. Garda's help, my pain was under control and range of movement was great! I also stopped getting sick all the time. I feel so strong and confident now. Great man, father, and doctor... big loss for Illinois!! But a HUGE gain for the people of Ohio!!
Erica R.
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