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Dr. Clinton Garda is originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  

At twelve years old, his father, John, was bedridden with terrible back pain that had him bedridden for six weeks.

Dr. Garda tells it best:

"So, Dad's in bed and I'm old enough to know. First - Dad's really hurt. Second I knew we hadn't paid the motgage that month. Three, I don't think we had been to the grocery store in almost 2 weeks. This was a real problem. Then his foreman comes over to check on Dad and he tells him - John, if you can't get back on the jobsite we gottta let you go, you gotta go see MY Doctor.
With no where else to turn, I remember Mom made an appointment for the very next day.

That morning it took forever to get Dad out of bed, Mom had to put on his socks for him and I remember it took him 15 minutes to get from his bed to the car.

That was really scary for me because Dad was only 32 years old when this was happening to him, and it was just pitiful to watch him suffer.

Well, at the time, I could not fathom what that Doctor did to my dear Father, but what I do know is within a few short days, Dad was out of pain and was back to work within that week.

Our family was saved.

To my twelve year old mind, it was a miracle.

My brother is 13 months younger that me, guess what he does for a living? He's a Doctor, just like me, and my sister became a nurse. 

Dad getting fixed like that literally changed all of our lives.

It was a miracle for our whole family and echoed into the future to this very day.

So, getting peope who are suffering and back to work, back to playing with their kids, being able to excercise and feel better...

That's all I've wanted to do since I was twelve years old, to really help people."

Thousands of hours of patient care, and more than one hundred thousand patient encounters later be assured you are in the best hands.
Find Out How People- Exactly Like You - Are Stopping Pain & Getting Their Life Back!
Dear Friend,

Are you done with putting up with it?

Pain... is a curious thing.

It is simply stunning how much we can take. 

Until we can't. 

We put up with pain for days, or months, or years and end up trying medications, therapies, heat packs, cold packs, or more...
At some point, enough is enough. 

When we have finally had it, we want to be pain-free NOW.

I'm going to take a wild guess and say, if you've read this far, you've had enough with living with pain, and you need help.

If this is true, then I am happy to tell you that this may be the most impactful thing you read today.
Pain relief without using expensive and addictive drugs
Avoid surgery and the down time associated with it
Quick relief while healing naturally
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WHAT YOU GET: A Doctor's, Complete Exam & Evaluation, X-Rays (As Required). 
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A Warm Welcome and a Caring Place to Visit
"My appointments are my favorite time of the day, a few minutes to get away from my day to day problems and take care of me for a change" - Jenny
The first visit when looking for help can be intimidating experience.

"Can they help me?" 

"Will I feel welcome?"

Here at Backbone it is our goal to provide a safe, and calming environment where just you can let your hair down and start feeling better in a place where you well-being truly matters.
On Your First Visit You Can Expect:
  •  A complete consultation to learn about you, your pain, and the history of your case
  •  A full neuromuscular examination and digital motion x-rays (as needed) to find the answers
  •  A clear explanation of the Doctor's findings 
  •  If you are a candidate for help, a plan to get rid of your pain
  •  WE WILL REALLY LISTEN TO YOU: Every case is different, your consultation is designed for your individual needs so we can understand you, your unique history, and how your pain is interfering with the things you want and need to do.
  •  ANSWERS TO ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS: What the cause of my pain? Can you help me? How do this all work? How long is this going to take? You can even ask us what we thought of the game last Sunday!
  •  HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY: At Backbone our policy has always been "If we think we can help you we'll tell you, if we don't think we can help you we'll tell you that too, and what you should do next".
"So what makes Dr. Garda and Backbone different from everyone else? They truly care about their patients and don't just write you off with a prescription for pain covering drugs or push you to a surgery that may or may not fix your pain... 
My quality of life has greatly improved and I am now a happier and healthier person."
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"Backbone Wellness Institute completely changed my life" - Ron S.
If you are putting up with pain we are here to help you.

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Truly looking forward to meeting you and starting you on your path to healing!
Dr. Clinton Garda
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