Community Wellness Programs
Lunch and Learns
These 20 - 60 minute presentations are, informative, and can inspire, and motivate employees to be more proactive with their health.

We have successfully provided thes workshops during lunch hours, staff meetings, and in-service days.

Wellnesss coordinators, business owners and human resources managers can choose from a list of topics that would most benefit their staff including: Stressed In The Workplace and Healthy Living To 100.
New Patient Orientation
In this FREE 30 minute informational workshop called: 

Get Better Results Faster

Dr. Garda covers important issues that all new patients need to know to about how to get better, faster while under their spine care program. 
Posture Screenings
Posture is the window to your spine and let;s us know the effects of gravity on your structure, even without taking X-rays.

By studying the effects of gravity on your posture and structure we are ablr to find several indicators influencing your overall well-being.

Screenings are fast, fun, and full of information. They can be held on a lunch hour or scheduled in 10 minute blocks.
"So what makes Dr. Garda and Backbone different from everyone else? They truly care about their patients and don't just write you off with a prescription for pain covering drugs or push you to a surgery that may or may not fix your pain... 
My quality of life has greatly improved and I am now a happier and healthier person."
Pain relief without using expensive and addictive drugs
Avoid surgery and the down time associated with it
Quick relief while healing naturally
TRY 2 VISITS for only $37
WHAT YOU GET: A Doctor's, Complete Exam & Evaluation, X-Rays (As Required). 
A Way Forward To Fix The Problem.
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A Warm Welcome and a Caring Place to Visit
"My appointments are my favorite time of the day, a few minutes to get away from my day to day problems and take care of me for a change" - Jenny
The first visit when looking for help can be intimidating experience.

"Can they help me?" 

"Will I feel welcome?"

Here at Backbone it is our goal to provide a safe, and calming environment where just you can let your hair down and start feeling better in a place where you well-being truly matters.
On Your First Visit You Can Expect:
  •  A complete consultation to learn about you, your pain, and the history of your case
  •  A full neuromuscular examination and digital motion x-rays (as needed) to find the answers
  •  A clear explanation of the Doctor's findings 
  •  If you are a candidate for help, a plan to get rid of your pain
  •  WE WILL REALLY LISTEN TO YOU: Every case is different, your consultation is designed for your individual needs so we can understand you, your unique history, and how your pain is interfering with the things you want and need to do.
  •  ANSWERS TO ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS: What the cause of my pain? Can you help me? How do this all work? How long is this going to take? You can even ask us what we thought of the game last Sunday!
  •  HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY: At Backbone our policy has always been "If we think we can help you we'll tell you, if we don't think we can help you we'll tell you that too, and what you should do next".
Get Answers Today!
"Backbone Wellness Institute completely changed my life" - Ron S.
If you are putting up with pain we are here to help you.

Just fill out the form and click submit and we will reach out to you and answer all of your questions. 

At that time we will confirm your initial visit.

Truly looking forward to meeting you and starting you on your path to healing!
Dr. Clinton Garda
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